Midwife Global Gardens Project

The Midwife’s Gardens:
A Global project of Comadres Institute

The Gardens project is dedicated to healing the feminine principle in all of us. 

" With our hearts full of compassion for
the Mother
her children
her family
her nature
her waters
her growth
her healing
her gifts
her births
her life
Our lives are transformed by tending the Gardens to receive the joyful blessings of new life."

The Gardens Vision
The Gardens project has emerged as a planetary vision of nurturing birth and growth environments that open us to the feminine spirit within ourselves and our Mother Earth. In the Gardens, we midwife ourselves as we plant seeds of beauty.

The visionary concept of the Midwife's Gardens by Marina Alzugaray, emerged in Santa Barbara California in 1988, as a product of sharing, planning, and participating in the miracle of birth. During this process the holistic dream of a Midwifeâs Gardens grew.

The Midwife's Gardens serves as a integrated visionary model of holistic health services for women and families. It reflects a partnership with women, a gentle approach that explores the relevance of birth to the well being of mothers, babies and families, and thus the health of a community.

Holistic Midwifery, grounded in ancient women's wisdom and contemporary science, promotes health and healing for women and families, in a relationship that is mutually transforming and constantly deepening, and that helps us understand the mystery of life itself. This is because the exchange, between women and their midwives, deals with the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical changes of being a woman. Holistic Midwives know that women's bodies are gifted with physiological cycles, from menarche to menopause, and from birth to mothering. This we like to do in loving harmony.

Baby Zachary

The Gardens Global Matrix
The global matrix allows us to nurture the vision of the Gardens at a planetary level, and foster international communication to develop cooperation and exchange among practitioners interested in participating and developing holistic health care services for women and families. The Midwifeâs Gardens serves as a model while the retreats provide education to quicken the growth of holistic midwifery services for women and families.

We would like to invite practitioners and families to contact us and get involved in the global matrix. We need each other to create a full mandala of inspiration, moving in small steps, we are changing how women are cared for, how birthing services are evolving, and how health care means caring, healing, and being in touch with ourselves and our living environments.