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American AquaNatal Instructor Certification

American AquaNatal.

A prenatal fitness and educational program developed by Midwife Marina Alzugaray that blends holistic health, midwifery and natural childbirth preparation with breathing, dance, visualization, swimming, relaxation and yoga, in the comfort of water, to promote wellness during pregnancy and facilitate the childbirth experience.

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Pregnant Women in the Water

Share with women the magic of water! Pregnant women benefit from the buoyancy of water by toning their muscles and limbering their joints with minimum stress. They experience an easing of the common discomforts of pregnancy. Their circulation improves, swelling reduces and mobility increases, while they learn about the normal physiological changes of pregnancy and prepare for birthing and mothering.

Become an AquaNatal Instructor:

If you love to teach women during pregnancy, know how to swim, and have a CPR card, you have what you need to enter the American AquaNatal instructor certificate program.

The Instructor Certification offers 20 continuing educational hours (CEUs), and consist of six days of training that covers the Basic and Advanced American AquaNatal Courses. The format is that of an educational retreat with time for introspection and fun in the water.

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Pregnant Underwater

Anyone may enroll:
in the Basic AquaNatal course.

However to obtain the AquaNatal Instructor certification the participant needs to successfully complete the Basic AquaNatal Course, the Instructor Plan, and pass the Advanced AquaNatal Course.

The Basic AquaNatal Course teaches you in detail the AquaNatal routine, explores basic holistic concepts and benefits of the method, and create an individualized plan for the instructor certification.


The Advanced AquaNatal Course is to integrate holistic concepts and teaching skills to the exercise discipline and to receive feedback. The course addresses goals and prepares participants to implement the American AquaNatal program in their community.

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