Women's Cycles and Rhythms

Maiden Initiations

Involves teachings about the menstrual cycles and how to take care of the self. The young women learns about her body before menstruation, and prepares for a celebration around her first cycle to initiate herself into the wisdom, caring, and honoring of her young women's body, her mind and spirit. A great project for mothers and their young daughters and for small groups of young women.

Daughters, Mother and Midwife

A Child Learns Honoring

Moon Lodge Retreat
The women's moon lodges are dedicated to reconnecting with our women's medicine ways, and the healing of our women journey, it is an essential healing space for women in any stage of life. Honor your cycles from the first ovulation to each menstruation, right into the menopausal years. Connect with your womb whether to conceive a child, or focus your attention on other aspects of fertility. Heal your woman self to be able to listen to your female body, your hormones, your instincts, and your woman power in all of her moods and truths.

Learn how to care for yourself and others in connection with the earth, the moon and our female bodies, by building a menstrual healing space to harvest our women?s healing and retain our women's wisdom.



Learn the Womens Cycle


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