Comadres Institute Advisory Board

Comadres Institute Advisory Board provides guidance and inspiration for the programs offered by the Institute

Marina Alzugaray  Founder, coordinator and facilitator of Comadres Institute.

Carol Hicks, MA, Chief editor of Comadres Institute, is a Marriage and Family Therapist in Pensacola, Florida.

Michel Odent, M D, advisor to Comadres Institute, is the world renowned pioneer of gentle, 'nonmedical' childbirth he collaborates with Midwife Marina in the core philosophy of the Institute.

Margot Early, is a romance novelist with four novels inspired by her homebirth experience with her midwife Marina Alzugaray. Margot serves Comadres Institute as an advocate for mothers and midwifery.

Jan Tritten, founding mother of Midwifery Today magazine serves to promote midwifery world wide.

Suzanne Arms, author and photo journalist, collaborates as co-facilitator of programs and provides feedback for concepts generated by Comadres Institute including the Gardens project.

Tracey Bowman, CNM, the first midwife to implement water births in hospitals in the USA, collaborates with Marina in educating practitioners on the use of water for labor and birth.

Estelle Meyers is a Visionary that has provided Marina with support for the idea of the Gardens, and the exploration of water birth and human dolphin interaction.