Mission and Goals of Comadres Institute

Our Mission
Comadres mission is to provide education and services that cultivate the flourishing of Women, Families and living Environments with the growth of the Midwifes Gardens a Comadres global project based on holistic health, healing, ecology and midwifery care.

Our Goals
Comadres Institute embraces and promotes the need to establish a holistic transformation in women's and family health care services. To meet this goal Comadres Institute provides the global visionary concept of the Midwifes Gardens, and offers Educational Retreats, programs and information that inspire a shift in health care services.

The USA spends more than any other country in the world on health care, with 1/5 going to childbirth, yet infant mortality rates is one of the highest for industrialized countries, with maternal complications also high. A change in health care services needs to take place, the question is how do health care providers go about making and implementing these changes.

Comadres Institute understands that to change how health care is provided, a change in the relationship between women, their families, and health care practitioners has to be developed. Women in general want to participate in their care. Hospitals have changed over the last twenty years to support breast feeding, mother/baby friendly units, and bonding. Medical care has began to merge with alternative health modalities to create complementary health care services. And Midwifery, the art of facilitating low risk 'natural' childbirth, has been steadily growing in the USA. This is in keeping with research that now proves the benefits of holistic health care and natural childbirth for mothers and infants.

Pregnancy is a unique opportunity to enhance the health of mothers and families. When pregnant, a woman seeks health services while involved in a natural physiological process. This is unlike any other time that a person seeks care because health care is usually associated with health problems.

Comadres Institute seeks to implement and support care that views pregnancy as a time of maximum potential for the health of mother and child, for generations of individuals and the future of humankind.

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